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Title insurance policies are designed to protect insureds against previous damages and costs associated with the title of a property. DMS has worked with thousands of title insurance claims to assist in accurate property assessments and approved changes to same. We know the in’s and out’s of title insurance and are here to help.

Things to know:

  • When acquiring title insurance, a title search of the property is conducted by an examiner and then reviewed by the settlement company to identify any outstanding liens, public record or deed errors.
  • Although a title search is performed, undiscovered issues and/or claims to the title could arise in the future
  • With title insurance, the homeowner’s investment is protected from any unforeseen or undiscovered title issues or legal claims.

How does DMS help?

Many contractors don’t specialize or choose to work with title insurance claims as they can be a complex lengthy effort to get to close a permit and get to the claim to resolve. This often happens in many cases with the property not being built with a registered permit.

DMS assists with helping you defend your claim by evaluating the survey with Losses and Damages from Title and Ownership Defects, other people from claim to the property as their own, to close permits, close and correct builder deficiencies, builder mistakes, evaluate accuracy with structural components with an extensive evaluation to ensure the build is accurate, ensuring no liens are currently on the property that have yet to be removed. This can be a challenge for many! DMS are the experts and can help you navigate this process through each and every step

Customers are often not aware when they buy the home that many things with the title may remain, until it’s too late and you have to file claim. Our experience dictates that the most common issues arise with additions not being registered, outstanding permits not being closed, builds not to code and unknowns at the time of sale. Call us today for expert input and a solution

Our most common calls in this regard are related to: additions and customers who don’t want permits, code issues, small additions, deficiencies, and open permits.