About us

We pride ourselves on providing quality service for every homeowner, business, and insurance company. 

We not only specialize in insurance related losses, but we also serve as a general contractor providing expert support and immediate response, we manage title insurance claims, and we facilitate and deliver on specialty renovation projects.

Our vision is to have DMS as your chosen resource for all your property needs. We want to ensure an exceptional experience for all customers. With over 35 years of experience, our trained and certified professionals work by your side providing effective disaster restoration services with expertise.  DMS is an industry-leading restoration company with the knowledge and resources to fix your property problems quickly!

Whether you have experienced property damage due to water intrusion, smoke and fire damage, weather-related damage or may be concerned about regulated materials such as asbestos, or have mold growth in your property, we are committed to providing immediate response, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

DMS has the proven, verifiable experience, expertise, technology, and time-saving processes to help you from the time of emergency to site completion. We will remain with you, at your convenience, restoring your property with flawless precision, accuracy, on time, and on budget.   


As the owner of Disaster Mitigation Services (DMS), Dave McCutcheon has served the insurance industry since 1989 and has always strived to provide the utmost service to all clientele.

Our Peterborough location has 7,500 square feet of combined office, cleaning, storage pods, and warehouse space as well as a 2,400 square foot fenced compound for exterior storage.

At Disaster Mitigation Services (DMS), we pride ourselves on providing the ultimate professional service. Our well-trained staff/specialists are dedicated to our service commitment in providing quality and client satisfaction at all times.


Disaster Mitigation Services (DMS) is recognized as a leader in our industry, is I.I.C.R.C. certified, a Perfect File certified contractor, DSN certified, Title Insurance Specialists, and accredited members throughout Ontario and growing nationally. We are experts in mitigation and restoration resulting from fire, smoke, wind, water, mould, asbestos, trauma clean-up, marijuana/meth lab clean-up, vehicle impacts, vandalism, etc., in residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial property damage.


DMS is a proud supporter of local and national charities. Our latest contributions include the Canadian Cancer Society, Community Safety Net, Pedal for Hope, United Way, Princess Margaret Hospital, St. Joseph’s Hospital, and Lakefield Animal Welfare Society.

Read more about our work with LAWS here.